This job market makes me want to dropkick someone.

Over and over again my job search has come up empty. No lie, I have pretty much contacted every single person I have ever met, since the age of 3, who has a job. Hey, it’s all about who you know. So they tell me. Like I even got my parents on the horn with their long lost second cousins in podunk Georgia to see if they could hook me up. Nope.

Some would say I’m being a bit dramatic. Truth is, I’m not unemployed and desperate. I can’t even complain about the money I make because it’s not half bad (for where I live.) I’m just ready to move on. Some would say I should consider myself lucky to have the job I have in this economy. Trust me, I am grateful to have this job. This job has been really a learning experience for me, and since it’s a management position, it really was a great opportunity when I found it.

My issue is that I can’t go any higher on the ladder than what I’m at right now. I have no opportunity to advance or make any more money. I might (might being the key word) be satisfied with that if I was older and where I could see myself settling down at. I’m going to be 25 next month, I can’t just stop here. I don’t even want to stay in this town or hell even this state for that matter (if you’re wondering, it’s Illinois.) I will save my hatred of this state’s politics for another post.

For the past year, I have been calling people, sending my resume out, revising my resume, revising my cover letter, contacting people I don’t know on Linkedin, researching companies, and re-revising my resume and cover letter again. I’ve had a couple interviews, one job I was not upset that I didn’t get it, the other one I was devastated. I just want to tell these HR people that they want me. They might not know it just yet, but they want me to work for them. I’m not one to disappoint.

Most days I stay pretty positive about the job search….others, like today, not so much. Hopefully tomorrow is better.


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